Through creativity we can express both the joy and grief that live within us.


“Creativity is our birthright.
It is an integral part of being human, as basic as walking, talking and thinking.”

John Daido Loori



"Molly is an excellent Supervisor. She has supported me and challenged me through the use of a range of creative techniques as well as thought provoking questions. This has helped me to process my therapeutic work and through this, I have been able to develop both as a person and as a therapist."

Creative Arts Supervisee
May 2021

"Molly has helped me find ways to express many things that I have not been able to quite put into words for a long time. I appreciate her guidance when I needed it but also her ability to listen in a way that makes me confident I am being heard and not judged. She managed to hone in on my artistic side and utilize this well with imagery and movements when I could not find the words. Thank you Molly for helping me start to become whole again."

Therapy Client
June 2021



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