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Having regular supervision is a necessary requirement in order for a therapist to practice safely. In Creative Arts Supervision, creative tools are used to help therapists to deeply reflect on their practice.

Benefits to working creatively in supervision:

  • Uncover your unconscious processes and blind spots

  • Be challenged and stretched in playful and safe way

  • Help to relax the not knowing and not being in control of the therapeutic process

  • Grow your imagination in order to think of new solutions and problem solve

  • Build upon your empathy and compassion for clients as well as self-compassion 

  • Learn to tune into and utilise your felt senses in your practice

  • There is a co-creating relationship between therapist and Supervisor 

The ethical framework that exists in therapy is transferred to the supervision space, such as unconstitutional positive regard for the supervisee by the supervisor and compassionate boundary setting. Serving the best interest of the client is at the heart of supervision practice.

If you are interested in finding out more, please get in touch via phone or email. 

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